Christmas Advent HERO

James Wetzstein


James Wetzstein University Pastor 219.464.6794

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His office is Room 117 of the Helge Center, the addition to the Chapel.

Pastor James Wetzstein is the mentor for the Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) and works with the students who plan and implement Celebrate! every Wednesday night as well as the Sunday morning sacristy team. He meets regularly with Valpo’s LCMS-U chapter to discuss current issues in theology and culture. Lessons learned through independent international travel and 12 years of experience in a small, multicultural congregation in Gary, Indiana, are at the root of his commitment to a global vision coupled with gospel-driven, grassroots local action. Pr. Jim and his wife, Tracey, an attorney, live in Gary with their 17-year-old son, Gabriel, and two dogs. He draws a weekly, three-panel comic strip for churches called “Agnus Day.”

He is a PhD candidate in Liturgical Studies at Notre Dame. His research involves the work of the 20th century Lutheran liturgical sculptor, the late Ernst Schwidder and questions regarding the role of art and design in spiritual formation.

Pastor Jim takes turn writing a weekly devotional piece. Find an archive of those writings here.


M.Div. Concordia Seminary
B.A. Concordia University Ann Arbor