Maru De Martini

Maria De Martini

Maru De Martini Consul of Argentina in France Graduated: December 2011
Degree: Juris Doctor, Law

Best memories from your Valpo days:

I loved the chances Valpo gave me to participate in different activities, such as the trial advocacy and moot court competitions; the externship program that allowed me to clerk for a Federal Judge in Chicago; and the wonderful friends I made with whom I keep in touch to this day.

How Valpo prepared you for your career path:

The connections I made while being a student at Valpo led me to my career as a diplomat today. I’m thankful for the chance Valpo gave me to attend a career expo in Chicago, I got an internship opportunity with the United Nations, which eventually led to my decision to enter the Foreign Service.

A recent adventure:

My job as a diplomat has allowed me to work in many different countries such as Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia and France.

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