Shamiq Zubaida Hina

Shamiq Zubaida Hina

Shamiq Zubaida Hina Cybersecurity Analyst at ATCO Ltd. Graduated: December 2016
Degree: M.S., Information Technology

Best memories from your Valpo days:

There are so many memories i can recall but the special ones are when i worked at Founders Cafe and developed relationships with my co-workers; I am still in touch with them. The Diwali events were very special and I got a chance to participate twice during my stay at Valpo. The international community is so big and I made friends from different countries; I cherish the experience even today. Also, the OIP team has been very friendly and promptly addressed my concerns.

How Valpo prepared you for your career path:

I have took up the course work which helped me in my career planning. I have always wanted to work in the Cyber Security field, and guidance from Prof. April Cripliver really helped me in understanding the computer networks and cyber security industry. She was the one who persuaded me to take up technical certifications to step my foot in the door. I can definitely vouch for her advice as her suggestions helped me immensely in finding my dream job. I work as Senior Consultant at one of the Big 4 firms in the world as of today. This would not have been possible without my professor’s guidance, as well as learning experiences from Career center and fellow Valpo students.

A recent adventure:

Since completing my STEM OPT, I have moved to Toronto, Canada in December 2019 and I am currently working as a Cybersecurity Analyst at ATCO Ltd.

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