Graduated: May 2018

Degree: M.S., Information Technology

Current Job: Technical Scrum Master, Adbakx LLC (Walmart)



Best memories from your Valpo days:

My journey at Valparaiso University was one of the most memorable I could ever have imagined. It was not easy but it was totally worth spending 2 years at this beautiful place. The faculty and staff has all the credits for the way they groomed me for what I am today. For me it was never just getting a valued degree but what more can I get for myself and how can I give it back to the institution and this led me to work for Office of international Programs (OIP), Career Center, Founders Table, Graduate School, CCLR – Library, Orientation Ambassador, Indian Student Association member, AAPIC member, MRC – Intern, ISEC and many other organizations.  Also, my best memory was hosting the Diwali show conducted by AAPIC

Valparaiso University has just not given me the valued Masters Degree but also gave me awards. They are as follows.

1. ISEC- International Student Experience Coach

2. Valparaiso University and OIP Recognition.

3. Indian Student Association (ISA) – Certificate of Achievement.

4. Certificate of Achievement for outstanding contribution by the Mayor of the city of Hobart.

5. Certificate of Achievement for Passport Program.

I am a proud Valpo grad and I carry this name on my shoulders with immense pride and will continue to do so! #govalpo