These compiled toolkits are designed to support and educate on a variety of topics related to wellness and overall well being. Feel free to utilize these with friends, family, and other members of your community. Moreover, if you are looking to educate yourself or an organization you are a part of, feel free to use these toolkits as a starting part for resources and information! 

Wellness toolkits

Access these wellness toolkits that explore a variety of the dimensions of wellness. This is a great starting point if you are unsure of where to start on your wellness journey

Grief toolkit

Whether you’re navigating the loss of a loved one, coping with significant life changes, or seeking ways to support others in their grief, this toolkit is here to offer understanding, empathy, and tools for healing. You’re not alone on this path!

Suicide prevention toolkit

From understanding warning signs to fostering empathetic communication and accessing professional help, this toolkit offers practical tools and insights to promote mental wellness and save lives. This toolkit empowers us all to play a vital role in preventing suicide and fostering a culture of support.

Moderating substance abuse toolkit

This toolkit includes a specific program designed around dry/damp January, as well as other vital information regarding how to go about limiting substance use and the positive effects it can have on your life.