The Wellness Office

The Office of Prevention and Wellness aims to support and uplift students through its focus on the 8 spheres of wellness. These spheres help facilitate a positive environment, full of resources and community, that encourage student growth and give them the capacity and opportunities to do so.

Unsure of where to start on your wellness journey? Utilize this personal assessment to explore the dimensions where you excel and where there might be room for growth. If your department or organization is interested in learning more, sign up for the Spheres of Wellness workshop!

Explore more through the Greater Good Magazine with ten building blocks to individual and community well-being. Discover quizzes about the different traits and ways to promote wellness in your own life, leading to a “thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.”

Prevention and Wellness is the location of The Wellness Office, Victims Advocacy Services, Substance Use treatment and Peer Education. The Main Office is located in The Fitness Center and is run by the Assistant Director of Prevention and Wellness Education, Natalie Muskin-Press. The number to reach this area is 219-464-6833 and the email is