The Wellness Office

The Wellness office is located in the Fitness Center and is accessible to students both through walk-ins and scheduled appointments.

The Wellness Center can help students in areas related to questions around general mental wellness and aid in developing coping skills around areas of distress. The Wellness Center can also help educate students about their resources and aid them in finding the right fit for their needs. The Wellness Center does not provide therapy but can provide general advice and brief pyschoeducation and case management for all students who need it. Some examples include: relationship/roommate difficulties, adjusting to/navigating college, concerns around anxiety/depression or other mental health issues, general worries or concerns that may not elevate to the need for counseling.

To schedule an appointment with the wellness center please email

Walk in hours are typically on Thursdays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm or any time the Asst. Director is in and available