Outdoor Recreation

Want to camp at the Dunes? Play disc golf? Cross-country ski through a nature preserve? Ride a mountain bike over local trails? You don’t need your own equipment to take advantage of the many outdoor recreational opportunities available in the Valpo area.

The Bell & Beacon in the Harre Union rents a variety of outdoor equipment.

Upcoming Spring 2024 Outdoor Programs

Fly-casting Lesson – Date and Time: March 21 at 5:15pm (Registration closes on March 18 at 12pm)

Fly Fishing takes skill to master. Eric Graham is the Vice President of the Duneland Fly Fishing Club that meets at the Neils Science Center every 3rd Tuesday of the month. This activity is for students to learn how to fly-cast. Eric will be showing students how to fly-cast in the Mezzanine area in the ARC. 

Nature Hike @ Creekside Trails by Trailyard Restaurant – April 4th at 5pm (Registration will close on April 1 at noon)

Come with us on a guided nature hike @ the Creekside Trails by Trailyard Restaurant. The guide will go over 10 essential things an outdoor person should have when they go on an outdoor trip. The guide will also go over skills you might need in outdoor activities such as starting a camp fire. This hike is made possible by our friends and colleagues at the Valpo Parks and Trailyard Restaurant. Please register here.

Outdoor Cricket Open Rec Event – Date and Time: TBD in Spring

This event is open to everyone that wants to enjoy a non-traditional sport of Cricket. Super popular around the world our international students will be helping us showcase this amazing sport. More information to come on how to register.

For More Info on Outdoor Rec at Valpo:

Please reach out to James R. Hinson, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation and Well-Being, at james.hinson@valpo.edu.