Individualized Major

in French Studies


30 credits minimum

Bachelor of Arts degree students interested in pursuing their study of French beyond the level of a minor and/or students who are contemplating spending a semester abroad in France are encouraged to consider an individualized major in French Studies. Please contact Prof. Tomasik for assistance in filling out the Individualized Program form to declare this major.


All students wishing to pursue an individualized major are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The proposed major must include at least 30 credit hours but not more than 48 credit hours chosen from two or more departments.
  2. At least 18 of the 30 credits in the individualized major must be taken beyond the introductory level.
  3. The proposed major must be accompanied by a minor within a discipline listed in the General Catalog.
  4. None of the courses chosen may be courses used to meet the General Education requirements.
  5. Courses taken for this major may not be counted for credit towards a minor or second major.
  6. The proposed major must be supported and supervised by one of the deans in the College of Arts and Sciences or an academic advisor.
  7. A comprehensive rationale statement by the student justifying the major must accompany the Individualized Program form. This form must list the specific courses to be taken and be approved by the faculty supervisor before it is approved in the Dean’s Office. Any revisions must also be approved by the Dean of the College.
  8. The proposed major must be submitted online for approval, preferably by the beginning of the junior year, but no later than November 1 for December degree candidates and April 1 for May or August degree candidates.

Students wishing to complete an individualized major in French Studies are subject to the following additional conditions and requirements:

A. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credits that combine coursework in French beyond FREN 102 with a minimum of 3 credits in an allied field outside of French (see list of recommended courses below).

B. Students may begin counting credits towards the individualized major in French Studies with FREN 203 or FREN 204 depending on their individual language placement:

  • Students who take FREN 101 and 102 at Valpo may begin counting credits towards the individualized major with FREN 203.
  • Students who place into FREN 102, 203, or 204 based on previous study may begin counting credits towards the individualized major with FREN 204.

C. Coursework in French must include at least one course at the 300-level.

D. Students may count both FREN 291 and FREN 300 towards the individualized major.

E. Students may count up to 12 credits of French coursework from study abroad towards the individualized major.

Coursework from Allied Fields

Per item A above, students must complete at least three credits of coursework outside of French, but related to French Studies. The following courses may be counted in fulfillment of this requirement provided they do not fulfill a general education requirement. This list will be updated from time to time as new courses are added to the General Catalog. Students may also propose courses beyond this list that they feel are relevant to French Studies, subject to approval by Prof. Tomasik and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) have course prerequisites.

Communication and Visual Arts

  • CVA 101 : Ancient to Medieval Art History – 3 Cr.
  • CVA 102 : Renaissance to Modern Art History – 3 Cr.
  • CVA 270 : Introduction to Cinema Studies – 3 Cr.
  • CVA 315 : Intercultural Communication – 3 Cr.


  • *ECON 326    International Economics – 3 Cr.


  • ENGL 343 : Introduction to Linguistics – 3 Cr.
  • ENGL 344 : Sociolinguistics: Language Across Cultures – 3 Cr.
  • ENGL 368 : TESOL: Theory and Methods – 3 Cr.
  • ENGL 369 : TESOL: Methods and Practices – 3 Cr.


  • HIST 100 : European History – 3 Cr.
  • HIST 215 : Medieval Europe – 3 Cr.
  • HIST 250 : African History and Society – 3 Cr.
  • HIST 312 : Reformation Europe – 3 Cr.
  • HIST 318 : The Old Regime and the French Revolution – 3 Cr.
  • HIST 350 : Colonialism and Independence: Understanding Modern Africa – 3 Cr.


  • PHIL 280 : Modern Philosophy – 3 Cr.
  • PHIL 286 : History of 20th Century European Philosophy – 3 Cr.


  • THEO 323 : Reformation Theology – 3 Cr.

Political Science

  • POLS 130 : Comparative Politics – 3 Cr.
  • POLS 150 : International Relations – 3 Cr.
  • *POLS 333 : Politics of Africa  – 3 Cr.