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Combine French

Many students combine their French minor with another major or minor program to prepare for a variety of careers.



Jack successfully combined French and Mechanical Engineering through Valpo’s unique VIEP program – Valparaiso International Engineering Program. Watch a video in which Jack talks about his experiences combining French and engineering!


Carrie IECA Carrie combined French with IECA – international economics and cultural affairs, and today works in the field of international development for the U.S. government at the Millennium Challenge Corporation, managing economic development programs in West Africa.

“For many years as a French student, I thought my only career option (if I wanted to use it professionally) was to become a French teacher. I’ve found that, particularly in Washington, D.C., it is incredibly valued in certain fields. Recruiters in the fields of international development and international relations have a real need for strong French speakers and it could open doors and opportunities you would never imagine.”


Ali GLOBAL SERVICE Ali combined French with global service. After having worked at Valparaiso University as program coordinator at the Institute for Leadership and Service, Ali is now Assistant Director, Student Preparation at the University of Chicago.


Robert INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Robert combined French with international relations and is a member of the Army ROTC program.

“Being an international relations major . . . I believe that it is very important to have experience with foreign language and culture; it can help put you in the frame of mind to be ready to learn about and understand cultures other than ours.”


Max BUSINESS Max combined French and business administration and today works as an associate account manager at Orange Business Services.

“It was really simple to add French as a second major. As a finance major, having another major to differentiate my resume really gave me a leg up when I was interviewing for jobs.”


Charlotte MUSIC Charlotte combined her love of French and music, finding the flexibility to major in both.

I consider music to be my primary major, but because I knew from the start that I wanted to keep up my French I was able to work out a plan with my advisor that allows me to complete a French major as well. The department is flexible enough that both my French and music classes can fit into my schedule.”


Emily MUSIC Emily combined French with English and plans to continue school to pursue a degree in library science.

“As a freshman beginning in French 101, I didn’t believe that I could major in French because of how the courses are offered. Right from the start, I was told that the faculty members would work with me to make this happen, even when I studied abroad. Four years later, I am graduating on time thanks to the flexibility of this major.”