Students attend Valpo’s college for business majors

Minor in Fundamentals of Business

The world of business has a profound impact on all of us. Whether you envision a career as an artist, an astronaut, a zoologist, or a Zamboni engineer, understanding the basic principles and methods of business practice can open opportunities and smooth the way in both your professional and your personal life. The six courses of the fundamentals of business minor cover the basic aspects of how businesses operate today. 
Students who intend to complete the fundamentals of business minor are strongly encouraged to consult with the office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to obtain proper advising.


Requirements for the Fundamentals of Business Minor:
ECON 221 Principles of Economics-Micro 3 credits
ACC 205 Financial Accounting 3 credits
BLAW 104 Legal Environment of Business 3 credits
FIN 304 Financial Management 3 credits
MGT 304 Management and Organizational Behavior 3 credits
MKT 304 Marketing Management 3 credits