IECA Curriculum

International Economics and Cultural Affairs Concentration (Minimum 21 Cr.)

Courses with an asterisk (*) have prerequisites

In addition to completing the Global Studies Core and specific concentration requirements, all majors are required to complete a major or minor in French, German, or Spanish, or a minimum of 16 credits of Chinese or Japanese language.

Global Studies Core (6 credits):
WLC 150Global Perspectives3 Cr.
WLC 493Senior Seminar3 Cr.

Economics Core (12 credits):
ECON 221Principles of Microeconomics3 Cr.
ECON 222Principles of Macroeconomics3 Cr.
Select two courses from:
ECON 236*Contending Economic Theories3 Cr.
ECON 326*International Economics3 Cr.
ECON 336*Economics of Developing Nations3 Cr.
ECON 337*Public Economics3 Cr.

Support Core (9 credits):
Choose 9 credits from this list of electives, selected from at least two different disciplines, in consultation with the IECA advisor; two of the three courses must be at the 300-level or higher.

GEO 101World Human Geography3 Cr.
GEO 102Globalization and Development3 Cr.
GEO 201*Economic Geography3 Cr.
GEO 265Sustainability: Environment, Economy, Society3 Cr.
GEO 301*Regional Geographies of the World3 Cr.
GEO 470Political Geography3 Cr.
HIST 100European History3 Cr.
HIST 110The World in the Twentieth Century3 Cr.
HIST 140Introduction to East Asian Culture3 Cr.
HIST 232Latin American History and Society3 Cr.
HIST 235Modern Mexico: Competing Visions of the Nation3 Cr.
HIST 250African History and Society3 Cr.
HIST 304*European Imperialism and the Colonial Experience3 Cr.
HIST 313*History of Modern Britain3 Cr.
HIST 315*Contemporary Europe: Century of Violence3 Cr.
HIST 317*Hitler and the Third Reich3 Cr.
HIST 329*Revolution! Insurgence in Latin America3 Cr.
HIST 333*Latin America in the Cold War Era3 Cr.
HIST 341*Revolution and its Roots: The Making of Modern China3 Cr.
HIST 342*Tragedy and Triumph: The Making of Modern Japan3 Cr.
HIST 350*Colonialism and Independence: Understanding Modern Africa3 Cr.
HIST 355*Modern Middle Eastern History3 Cr.
HIST 390*Topics in History (when topic is contemporary, non-US)3 Cr.
HIST 393*History through Film (when topic is contemporary, non-US)3 Cr.
POLS 130Comparative Politics3 Cr.
POLS 150International Relations3 Cr.
POLS 210*Research Methods in Political Science3 Cr.
POLS 231*Politics of Developing States3 Cr.
POLS 291Topics in International Relations3 Cr.
POLS 330*Politics of Industrialized States3 Cr.
POLS 332*Politics of China and East Asia3 Cr.
POLS 333*Politics of Africa3 Cr.
POLS 334*Politics of the Middle East3 Cr.
POLS 336*Politics of Latin America3 Cr.
POLS 343*Principles of Peace and Social Justice3 Cr.
POLS 351*American Foreign Policy3 Cr.
POLS 352*Model United Nations3 Cr.
POLS 391*Advanced Topics in International Relations I3 Cr.
POLS 437*Comparative Public Policy3 Cr.
POLS 438*Gender and Public Policy in Global Perspective3 Cr.
POLS 450*International Regimes and Global Governance3 Cr.
POLS 454*International Political Economy3 Cr.
POLS 456*War and Conflict3 Cr.
THEO 363*Religions of China and Japan3 Cr.
WLC 280*Experiential Learning in World Languages and Cultures1-3 Cr.
WLC 290Topics in World Languages and Cultures3 Cr.
WLC 320*Global Humanitarianism Examined3 Cr.
WLC 390*Seminar in World Languages and Cultures3 Cr.
WLC 486*World Languages and Cultures Internship1-3 Cr.