Action Item 3.2

ATTACHMENT DETAILS 20120426-Multicultural-Programs

Support and promotion of University-wide programs

One of the strengths of Valparaiso University is our ability to hold difficult and meaningful conversations when viewpoints are in opposition with one another. Created in 2016, the Dialogue and Discernment Series: Seek First to Understand, serves as a way for the University community to engage in conversations about seemingly irreconcilable differences. In its first three years, the series has tackled marriage inequality, women’s reproductive rights, and immigration. Given the pandemic and the need for safe physical distancing, we will expand the series into other media formats.

Responsible Parties: Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Library Services
Implementation Chair: Angela Vidal Rodriguez
CIVC Attachè: Allison Schutte, Associate Professor of English

Create and distribute a master organizational Google Calendar that pulls together all important, annual DEI dates currently celebrated on campus.

Accepted Action Steps:

3.2.a – Expansion of concepts borne from the Dialogue and Discernment Series into other media formats.

Recommended Action Steps:

3.2.b – Expansion of availability of Racial Justice and Equity Educational information.
3.2.c – Community Engagement and Professional Development.