Action Item 4.1


Transparent communication of Valparaiso University policing model

It is important that our University’s police department go above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of our University community. In partnership with the Valparaiso University community, the Valparaiso University Police Department (VUPD) has agreed to proactively review its current policing model, philosophy, protocols, and training and development, to affirm fair and impartial policing.

Responsible Parties: VUPD, The Office for Inclusion and Retention, and an ad hoc Task Force of students, faculty, and staff
Implementation Chair: Chuck Garber, Assistant Police Chief
CIVC Attachè: Caroline Ban, Clinical Assistant Professor/Program Director

Upgrade police computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system.

Accepted Action Steps:

4.1.a – Review of policing model, philosophy, and protocols
4.1.b – Participate in on-going professional development to include diversity and inclusion workshops and seminars.
4.1.c – Coordination community engagement and outreach programs.