Action Item 2.1


Institutionalization and expansion of the Search Process Advocate (SPA) role and training program

The SPA role was originally designed to help support faculty searches with the intent of diversifying our faculty. By expanding this role to staff search processes, the University will have a uniform way of conducting searches.

Recommended Action Steps:

Responsible Parties: Human Resources and the Office for Inclusion and Retention
Implementation Chair: Deondra Devitt, Executive Director of Human Resource Services
CIVC Attachè: Angela Vidal-Rodriguez, Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office


In fall 2022, the human resources office invited the university community to participate in the taskforce that will move this project forward. The community responded with enthusiasm (thirteen faculty members and fourteen staff members).  They will be collaborating towards this effort. They will be focusing on revising practices, creating a handbook for the staff and becoming advocates for the search process.