Action Item 3.3


Institutionalization of the Basic Concepts & Activities for Racial Equity Work Training Series

Created in the summer and launched in fall of 2019, the Creating and Nurturing Inclusivity (C.A.N. I.) professional development series was created to increase institutionally facilitated conversations on diversity through a tiered approach that serves to meet participates at their level of knowledge and awareness.

Responsible Parties: The Office for Inclusion and Retention, Human Resources, and Student Life
Implementation Chair: Angela Vidal-Rodriguez, Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
CIVC Attachè: Deondra Devitt, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Recommended Action Steps:

3.3.a – Provide C.A.N. I. level-one training series for all new University Employees.
3.3.b – Provide C.A.N. I. level-one training series to University sponsored student leadership roles and other responsibilities.