Action Item 4.2


Outreach and program development with our historically underrepresented alumni

(i.e., racial, ethnic, international, LGBTQIA+, and veterans)

Valparaiso University continues to struggle with connecting with its historically underrepresented alumni (i.e., alumni of color, LGBTQIA+, and Veterans communities). Alumni Engagement can strategically re-engage these historically marginalized populations in pursuit of building a more open and inclusive campus.

Responsible Parties: Advancement and Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Implementation Chair: Michael Beaver, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
CIVC Attachè: Kimberly Whalen, Associate Professor

Recommended Action Steps:

4.2.a – Reengage historically underrepresented alumni in the aforementioned communities.
4.2.b – Formation of caucus groups for historically underrepresented alumni.


Additional Updates
Hiring new Assistant Director for Affinity Programming and Volunteer Engagement in Alumni Engagement focused on engaging underrepresented alumni.
Complete alumni engagement scoring project. Vendor has been identified and contracted. Product is in final stages of review