Action Item 4.2


Outreach and program development with our historically underrepresented alumni

(i.e., racial, ethnic, international, LGBTQIA+, and veterans)

Valparaiso University continues to struggle with connecting with its historically underrepresented alumni (i.e., alumni of color, LGBTQIA+, and Veterans communities). Alumni Engagement can strategically re-engage these historically marginalized populations in pursuit of building a more open and inclusive campus.

Responsible Parties: Advancement and Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Implementation Chair: Michael Beaver, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
CIVC Attachè: Kimberly Whalen, Associate Professor

Recommended Action Steps:

4.2.a – Reengage historically underrepresented alumni in the aforementioned communities.
4.2.b – Formation of caucus groups for historically underrepresented alumni.


Additional Updates
August 2022- Finalized alumni engagement survey, which provided data that enables Valpo to reengage better with the alumni from historically marginalized groups.
Spring 2022- Complete alumni engagement scoring project. Vendor has been identified and contracted. Product is in final stages of review
Fall 2021- Hiring new Assistant Director for Affinity Programming and Volunteer Engagement in Alumni Engagement focused on engaging underrepresented alumni.