Ethnic Studies

The ethnic studies minor offers an interdisciplinary perspective on race, ethnicity, and culture, especially on the nature of historical and social constructs that define group and individual experiences, attitudes, and identities. The focus of the minor will be on the following North American ethnic groups: African-American, Chicano/Latino, Native American, and Asian-American.

The Ethnic Studies Minor

The objectives of the minor have two complementary components. One, more narrowly academic, aims at helping students develop critical thinking using a multicultural perspective with reference to their own backgrounds and those of others, and with materials from within and without the traditional canon. The other, more social and experiential, involves becoming familiar with and appreciating diversity among students and the larger community. Both aim at providing knowledge and understanding which will help students reach across racial and cultural barriers and equip them to function effectively, both professionally and personally, in a multicultural and multiracial world.

A minimum of 15 credit hours is required for the minor in ethnic studies. Specific required courses are listed below.

Program Core: 3 credits 
One course from the following options:
HIST 225 Alternative Perspectives of United States History 3 credits
ENGL 365 Studies in American Literature 3 credits
Elective Courses: 12 credits 
ECON 233 The Economics of Race and Gender 3 credits
ENGL 365 Studies in American Literature 3 credits
GEO 200 American Ethnic Geography 3 credits
GEO 274 North American Indian on Film 3 credits
HIST 323 Civil War and Reconstruction 3 credits
MUS 101 Introduction to Music 3 credits
SOCW 210 Social Welfare: Policy and Services 3 credits
SOCW 260 Diverse Populations: Human Rights & Justice 3 credits
THEO 333 Black Theology and Black Church 3 credits
THEO 349 Topics in Religious Ethics 3 credits
THEO 364 Native American Religions 3 credits
Additional courses for the minor will consist of topics courses and departmental seminars, each of which must be approved and will be publicized by the administrative committee. Students wishing to use a course not listed must have the course approved by the administrative committee prior to enrolling in the course. No more than one course at the 100 level may apply towards the minor. At least two of the courses applying towards the minor must be at the 300 level or above.


Administrative Committee

Jon T. Kilpinen (coordinator)
Professor of Geography
Tel: 219.464.5314
Email: Jon.Kilpinen@valpo.edu