Gender Studies

The Gender Studies Minor offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the lives of women and men, especially on the nature of social and cultural constructs that give meaning to the biological difference of sex.

The Gender Studies Minor

The fact that persons are male and female takes on a complex of meaning that can be explored through study of literature and the arts, religion, history, society and social institutions, the professions, human psychology and development, and life sciences. The minor in gender studies, by including courses that study women in culture, society, and history, and that include the best of a growing body of feminist theory and research, also intends to help correct a tradition of scholarship and teaching that has ignored the contributions and concerns of women. Overall, the program will give both men and women a better sense of identity and possibility, and will foster greater understanding of the complex ways in which we, for good and for ill, are influenced by culture and society.

A minimum of 15 credit hours is required for the minor in gender studies. Specific required courses are listed below.

Core Requirement: 3 credits 
GNST 201 Introduction to Gender Studies 3 credits
Social and Life Sciences: 3 credits 
One course from the following options:
ECON 233 The Economics of Race and Gender 3 credits
PSY 390 Special Topics in Psychology (when appropriate topic) 3 credits
SOCW 210 Social Welfare: Policy and Services 3 credits
SOCW 220 Human Behavior and Social Environment 3 credits
SOCW 260 Diverse Populations: Human Rights & Justice 3 credits
SOCW 390 Social Work Colloquium (when appropriate topic) 3 credits
SOC 220 The Family 3 credits
SOC 275 Systems of Social Stratification 3 credits
SOC 340 Gender 3 credits
Humanities and Fine Arts: 3 credits 
One course from the following options:
ART 311 Topics in the Theory and History of Art (when appropriate topic) 3 credits
ART 318 Nineteenth Century European Art 3 credits
COMM 322 Sports Media Formats 3 credits
ENGL 200 Literary Studies 3 credits
ENGL 390 Topics in Literature (when appropriate topic) 3 credits
THEO 317 The World of the New Testament ) 3 credits
THEO 319 Topics in Biblical Studies 3 credits
THEO 343 Theology of Marriage and Sexuality 3 credits
CC 300 Seminar 3 credits
Elective Courses: 6 credits 
The remainder of the program (normally two courses) is elective. All courses should be chosen from a list of courses approved each year by the committee.

Administrative Committee

James Moore (coordinator)
Professor of Theology
Tel: 219.464.5457
Email: James.Moore@valpo.edu

Betsy Burow-Flak
Associate Professor of English
Tel: 219.464.6918
Email: Betsy.BurowFlak@valpo.edu

Nina Corazzo
Associate Professor of Art, Walter E. Bauer Endowed Chair of History
Tel: 219.465.7909
Email: Nina.Corazzo@valpo.edu

Colleen Seguin
Associate Professor of History
Tel: 219.464.6962
Email: Colleen.Seguin@valpo.edu