Human Aging

The Human Aging minor offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the nature of the aging process and the needs of older adults.

The Human Aging Minor

Aging involves a complex set of changes that involve biological, psychological, and spiritual dimensions, as well as the role of the older individual in society. It is the premise of the program that these changes are best understood and explored in an interdisciplinary context. As the average human life-span increases and the proportion of elderly people in our country increases, study in human aging will become very important to those seeking to understand and render service to our society. Individuals interested in careers in the social or biomedical sciences or theology will find this minor to be an essential part of their preparation.

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required for the minor in human aging. Specific required courses are listed below.

Aging, Behavior, and Society 3 credits 
Three credits from the following options:
PSY 332 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging 3 credits
PSY 475 Human Neuropsychology 3 credits
Aging and Religious Faith 3 credits 
Three credits from the following options:
THEO 343 Theology of Marriage and Sexuality (when appropriate) 3 credits
THEO 349 Topics in Religious Ethics (when appropriate) 3 credits
THEO 353 Studies in Theology and Practice 3 credits
Aging and Health 3 credits 
Three credits from the following options:
NUR 418 Global Health Issues 3 credits
NUR 351 Gerontological Nursing 3 credits
NUR 390 Topics in Nursing and Health Care 1-3 credits
Elective Courses: 9 credits 
Nine credits from the following options:
BIO 260 Human Nutrition 3 credits
SOCW 390 Social Work Colloquium (when appropriate) 2-3 credits
SOC 220 The Family 3 credits
SOC 390 Issues in Sociology (when appropriate) 3 credits
THEO 341 Bioethics 3 credits

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