OADE provides outreach and workshops to student groups using Fatal Vision’s “drunk goggles” program, and discussions and presentations on:

  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Alcohol and women
  • Alcohol and athletes
  • Alcohol and Greek life
  • Alcohol and relationships
  • Safe homecoming
  • Safe spring break
  • Drunk and drugged driving
  • High-risk (binge) drinking

OADE coordinates the facilitation of SUDDS classes (a one-hour educational program) for first-time alcohol policy violators led by peer education students. SUDDS is offered two times per month during the fall and spring semester.

OADE facilitates CARE (Chemical Awareness Responsibility Education) a six-hour class presented several times per year. CARE is open to:

  • Campus alcohol policy offenders.
  • Students arrested for infraction of state and county alcohol and drug regulations.
  • Students displaying inappropriate behaviors such as frequent intoxication, aggressive or destructive behavior, or failure to meet academic requirements due to substance use.
  • Students concerned about their choices of alcohol or other substance use.

Outreach requests will not be accepted the last two to three weeks of the semester.

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