Referrals and Consultation

Referral Process

To help your student receive help from us, you may encourage him/her to schedule an appointment by phone or in person. You may choose to have your student call us while he/she is with you in your office, or you may accompany your student to schedule in person. We generally find that students are receptive to your suggestions, particularly given that you have indicated that you care about them by noticing their distress.

If your student is reluctant to make an appointment with us, we encourage you to continue to be supportive, allow for some time to pass, and then bring it up again if you are still observing signs of distress. You may also contact us for a consultation, and we can offer you support and possibly other strategies for encouraging your student to seek help.

If you are concerned about the immediate safety regarding your student (e.g., threatened or attempted suicide) or you believe that your student is of immediate threat to you or others, please call 911 for help.

Consultation Services

If you would like some additional help in assisting your student or would like to provide information to us regarding a student of concern, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional staff can be available to you for consultation by calling our office at 219.464.5002 and asking to speak to a therapist. If a therapist is not available at the moment, we will take your information and the next available therapist will contact you. We are happy to offer you support and suggestions to you as you try to help your student get the help they may need. We find that as a faculty or staff member, you are often one of the first individuals to know about your student’s distress, as you may be in frequent contact with him/her.


We certainly understand that you may be concerned about your student and want to know whether he/she has followed through with your referral to us. While we are glad to offer assistance to you, and to take any information you may have, we are required by law to maintain confidentiality of the student. This means that we cannot share any information with you, including whether your student has scheduled or attended an appointment with us, unless he/she has provided written permission for us to do so.

For more information regarding our confidentiality policy, please go here.