Yixian Liu

Cindy Liu

Yixian Liu Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon, Seattle Graduated: May 2016
Degree: B.S., International Business and Communication

Best memories from your Valpo days:

Memories from my Valpo days still vividly appear in my mind. When I first arrived in Valpo all by myself, the warm welcome from the international student ambassadors and the events that VISA and the OIP put together for all the new international students are truly so valuable to my Valpo experience. This warm welcome helped me to be more involved in the community and become a confident leader.

I am currently working at Amazon in Seattle as a Business Intelligence Engineer (since the summer of 2018). Previously I was pursuing a graduate degree in Business Analytics at Arizona State University and after graduation I moved from Arizona to Washington for the job. Seattle has been treating me very well so far; I have made many great friends and memories including reuniting with one of my Valpo friends!

I’d love to answer any questions you have regarding international student life in Valpo!

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