Q: How much time commitment is required?

A: This depends on what YOU want to do! If you are only looking for one game per week, we have that for you. If you want more, then you can join multiple teams/sports to compete in! Each game is typically 30-45 minutes long.

Q: How do I play?

A: First, you’ll want to create an account on IMLeagues.com/Valpo. Once you create your account with your Valpo email, you can navigate throughout the website to see our current offerings!

Q: What if I have no one to play with?

A: Players can utilize the free agency system on IMLeagues and can be invited to a team, or sometimes teams are looking for players and you can request to join their team. If neither of these options are working, please contact intramurals@valpo.edu and we will do our best to find you a team!

Q: What sports are offered?

A: We offer a variety of leagues and tournaments throughout the academic year. These range from your traditional sports of basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball, floor hockey, dodgeball, kickball, wiffleball, and soccer, to euchre, cornhole, esports, bowling, and much more! 

Q: Who can play intramural sports? 

A: Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty/staff/spouses, and even alumni (one per team), can participate, provided they have a valid Valpo OneCard/ID.

Q: How much does it cost to play? 

A: This depends on the sport/league/tournament. Typically, league fees are $25 per team with an additional $25 deposit required. For tournaments, fees can range from $2/person to $10/team. All fees will be listed on the IMLeagues sport page. 

Q: What is the difference between intramural sports and club sports? 

A: Intramural sports provide an opportunity for participants of all skill levels and experiences to play in a structured league/tournament, against other members of the Valparaiso University community. Club Sports are student-run organizations that provide an extended opportunity for students to engage in competition at a level higher than intramural sports. Some clubs will compete locally, regionally, or nationally against other universities.