Abe Peetz

Valpo Affiliation: Student

Major: Business Management

Instagram Handle: @Abe.Peetz

What does recreation mean to you?

  • “It means having fun and being able to relax and take my mind off school.”

Why do you participate in Campus Recreation Programs?

  • “I participate in Rec Sports because I think it is important to always be a part of a team. It teaches you tons of things like how to work with others. I’ve always been a part of sports and been around them. Unfortunately due to injuries, I wasn’t able to continue my athletic career after high school. But Rec Sports gives me that outlet to still get to do the things I love.”

How has your involvement in Campus Recreation impacted your experience at Valpo?

  • “It has given me the opportunity to meet tons of new people. I am a part of Greek life so it helps build those connections throughout the FSL community. It is a fun way to have some friendly competition with others.”