Room Change & Consolidation Process

Room Change Process General Information

Students wishing to change rooms at the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester will need to complete a “Room Change Request Form (Fall 2019).” Applications will become available on Monday, September 2, 2019. 

By filling out and signing the Room Change Request form, you are formally requesting a room and/or building change from your current housing assignment. Until you receive notice from the Office of Residential Life, your request to move is not approved and you cannot begin moving items until you receive an email stating your request has been approved. All room changes are based on room availability.

Consolidation Process General Information

The Consolidation Process Occurs at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters after the census is complete. 

What is the consolidation process?
Consolidation requires those students on the same floor without roommates to move into the same room. The consolidation process occurs as the university is obligated to maximize bed space for new and returning students for the Spring semester. Additionally, the consolidation process occurs as university policy states that all freshmen must have a roommate when possible.

Where will you be consolidated to?
You could be consolidated with another member of your floor or suite (for Beacon residents) who is also without a roommate. Consolidation will NOT force you to move off your current floor/suite. Beacon residents will be consolidated within your suite.


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Important Dates

Fall 2019

Saturday, August 17
Move-In Day

Tuesday, August 20
First Day of Fall Classes

September 27-29

October 10-13
Fall Break (No Classes, Halls will remain open)

November 23- December 1
Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, November 23
Residence Halls Close for Thanksgiving Break at Noon Central Time

Sunday, December 1
Residence Halls Open after Thanksgiving Break at Noon Central Time

Friday, December 6
Last Day of Fall Classes

December 9-13
Final Exams

December 14-January 5
Winter Break

Saturday, December 14
Residence Halls Close for Winter Break at Noon Central Time

Spring 2020

Sunday, January 5
Residence Halls Open for Spring Semester at Noon Central Time

Wednesday, January 8
First Day of Spring Classes

February 29-March 15
Spring Break

Saturday, February 29
Residence Halls Close for Spring Break at Noon Central Time

Sunday, March 15
Residence Halls Open after Spring Break at Noon Central Time

Friday, April 10
Good Friday (No Classes, Halls will remain open)

Tuesday, May 5
Last Day of Spring Classes

May 7-12
Final Exams

Wednesday, May 13
Residence Halls Close at Noon Central Time

Summer 2020

Monday, May 18
Summer 1 Housing Opens

Tuesday, May 19
First Day of Summer 1 Classes

Friday, June 26
Last Day of Summer 1 Classes

Saturday, June 27
Summer 1 Housing Closes at Noon

Sunday, June 28
Summer 2 Housing Opens

Monday, June 29
First Day of Summer 2 Classes

Friday, August 7
Last Day of Summer 2 Classes

Saturday, August 8
Summer 2 Housing Closes at Noon