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Student Mail Services

Student Mail Services processes all mail delivery for students living in residential housing. Student Mail Services utilizes a Student Mail Services processes all mail delivery for students living in residential housing. U.S. mail and packages are distributed Monday through Friday.  Student Mail Services acts as a signature agent for all packages. An email notification is sent to the student’s Valpo email account when the letter mail has been placed in their mail unit, or a package has arrived and is ready for pickup.

Please use the above address only. Hall addresses are not valid addresses as delivery to the halls is prohibited. All residential halls are locked and not set up to receive deliveries.

All mail/packages must be addressed to the student’s full name and the assigned mail unit number to ensure proper delivery and avoid being delayed or returned to the sender.

Do not use “P.O. Box” in your mailing address. These are campus mail units @ Valparaiso University and not USPS post office boxes this can cause a delay in delivery.

Incoming Letter Mail

Student Mail Services will email your @valpo.edu address when letter mail is placed in their mail unit for pick up.   It is your responsibility to check your mail unit to recover your mail. 


Student Mail Services uses a package tracking system. The system allows us to scan a bar code on all tracked packages and items that do not fit into your unit. The program will send an email notification to your @valpo.edu address and put your package into a package inventory database.

Perishable Packages

ALL perishable packages will be entered into the package inventory database. An email marked “perishable” will be sent to your @valpo.edu account.

Please pick up all perishable packages before the end of the business day that you receive the email. We do not have refrigeration service and cannot be responsible for perishables.

Package Pick up 

Student Mail Services scans the barcode on the back of your OneCard to issue your package. This completes our record-keeping process and removes the package from the inventory database.  You will not be able to pick up packages with a damaged 

OneCard or a Temporary ID.  Please visit the OneCard page for information on Card Care and Replacement OneCards.


Mail Forwarding

If you are leaving the university, please let us know where to forward your mail by updating your address on DataVu.

  • If you are graduating, not returning to University housing or withdrawing from the University,  we will forward your mail for six (6) months. After that period, we will return mail to the sender. 
  • We do not forward mail over breaks such as Christmas or Spring break.
  • UPS / FedEx / DHL: These shippers do not forward shipments. Items will be returned to the sender or shipped to the recipient at their cost. 

Mail is forwarded to the most current address on DataVU. Students are encouraged to verify their permanent address on https://datavu.valpo.edu prior to the above. Locate the Student & Alumni menu, locate the “Student & Alumni” records menu,  select “Personal Information- Current Student, then select Address and phone number update, and log in.

Summer Mail Forwarding: Only students who are attending summer school or working for the university may receive mail during the summer session.

All other mail will be forwarded to the most current address in DataVU for the summer session. An alternative summer address can be used with a notice to Student Mail Services.

USPS Mail Forwarding to International Addresses

USPS First Class mail and parcels will be returned to the sender.

  • USPS: First-class, International, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Media Mail, Tracking Services including Certified Mail.
  • UPS: Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3-Day Select, Ground, International
  • DHL:   International Shipping
  • Mailbox Rentals
  • Postage Stamps
  • Fax services: Local and long-distance
  • Pre-paid label drop-off for USPS, UPS, & FedEx packages

Pick-Up Times

  • USPS:   Monday — Friday @ 3:00 p.m.
  • UPS : Monday — Friday @ 3:30 p.m. 
  • Packages that are shipped USPS, UPS & DHL after pick-up times will go out the next business day.

Payments accepted for services: Cash, Check, Credit, and Beacon Bucks.

Student Mail Unit Assignment

Your New Address is 1509 Chapel Drive, Unit Number **

** Unit numbers and combinations are available for students on DataVU. Sign in to DataVU, locate the “Student & Alumni” records menu,  select “Personal Information- Current Student, then select  “My Profile” and log in. 

  • All students living in residential university housing are assigned mail units. This mail unit number will be used on all incoming mail/packages and deliveries.   
  • Students retain the same mail unit as long as they reside in residential housing on campus.
  • ** Do Not use your residential hall number as your unit number. 
  • If you have moved off campus or are residing in fraternity housing, you no longer receive mail or packages at Student Mail Services.  If you wish to still receive mail from Student Mail Services, you may rent a mail unit for $25.00 a semester. 

For details or questions, contact Student Mail Services at 219-464-5259 or email us at Student.mail.services@valpo.edu.

Unit Combination Instructions

  • Step #1: Turn left (counterclockwise) at least four times, stopping at the first number.
  • Step #2: Turn right (clockwise), passing the second number once and then stopping on the second number.
  • Step #3: Turn left (counterclockwise), stopping at the third number the first time. You will hear a click just before the number.
  • Step #4: Slowly turn to the right (clockwise). The dial will become tight and pull open.


  • Confirmation of delivery from the sender DOES NOT mean that your package is ready to be picked up. Please wait until you receive an email from Student Mail Services notifying you that your package has been processed and is ready for pickup. If it has been more than 24 hours and you still have not received an email from us, stop by the mail room with your tracking number.
  • You must pick up your package; we do not allow others to pick up your packages. 
  • Please do not enroll in any alcohol subscriptions even if you are 21. We cannot sign for alcohol deliveries for students.
  • Please do not send cash through the mail.
  • Essential documents and gift cards should be sent as a package with insurance and tracking.
  • Incorrectly addressed packages may be refused.
  • Packages not claimed after 14 days will be returned to the sender when possible.
  • You will not be able to pick up packages with a damaged OneCard or a Temporary ID.


Contact Information

Student Mail Services
Harre Union, Room 145
1509 Chapel Dr.
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Phone 219.464.5259


Package Pick Up:
Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Mail units can be accessed anytime the Harre Union is open.
Union Building Hours