Through our programs in literary studies and writing, we offer an education in humane letters based on the principles of writing and the literary traditions of English in Great Britain, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Our offerings include a major and a minor in literary studies and a major and a minor in writing with tracks in either creative or professional writing.  We also offer a Master of Arts in English Studies and Communication, a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and courses that fulfill requirements for the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree, with or without a concentration in English.  New to our offerings is also an undergraduate minor in TESOL.

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Wordfest reading, poet Mary Syzbist Thurs, Nov. 6

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  • English 200: topics this spring include Labor, Migration, and Conflict in Literature, Going Home, Innocence and Experience, Voices on the Edges, Utopian and Dystopian Literature; and From Aliens to Androids: Contemporary Science Fiction.
  • English 380 (Topics in Writing)--topics include Peer Tutoring in Writing and #identity: Written on the Body.
  • English 390 (Topics in Literature)--topics include The Portrait of the Lady in 19th and 20th-c Realist Literature and Art, Lyric Passport: Contemporary World Poetry, and Electronic Dance Music.
  • English 395 (Topics in Language)--topics include ESL Peer Tutoring.
  • English 493 (the senior seminar in English literature).  The topic this spring is Local Shakespeares/ Global Shakespeares.
  • English 609 (Topics in Writing): Theoretical Approaches to Teaching Writing.
  • English 610 (Topics in American Literature and Culture): Literature of American Empire and Electronic Dance Music.
  • English 614 (Seminar in ESL) ESL Peer Tutoring.

National book award-winning poet Mary Syzbist will read from Incarnardine as part of the Christ College symposium and Wordfest speaker series.

Mary Szbist