Art for Non-Majors

I love having nursing students in my classes because visual literacy will serve them well in their medical careers. They are already so skilled and sensitive, and this enhances their ability to be problem solvers and creative thinkers.

– Aimee Tomasek, Art Department Chair

The art department welcomes and encourages students from all majors, whether they are experienced artists or exploring the field. Introductory art courses often include students who are also studying engineering, psychology, nursing, and more.

At Valpo, the art faculty understands that an eclectic group of students enhances everyone’s learning. The conversation deepens because students contribute to the classroom community with insights from their areas of expertise. Non-majors also broaden their perspectives by understanding how art is made, seen, and valued. They improve their visual literacy and use that skill in whatever work they do.

Students are welcome to enroll in any class for which they have met the prerequisites and may also consider adding art as a minor or second major. Valpo offers courses in ceramics, drawing, painting, art history, photography, graphic design, and more. See all programs »