Applied Learning

Hands-on experience, important in many fields, is especially critical for students in the arts. The art department’s professors proactively inform students about opportunities to apply and deepen their expertise.

Student Exhibitions

Student and faculty work, as well as the work of other distinguished artists, is exhibited in the Brauer Museum of Art, in the Strimbu Gallery on the second floor of the Center for the Arts, and in the second floor hallway gallery at the Christopher Center for Library and Information Services.

Student Organizations

Positions with The Lighter, The Torch and other campus publications give students the chance to develop publishing, design, and production skills.


The Brauer Museum of Art, Integrated Marketing and Communications, and other campus departments offer student internships. Learn more »

Relevant Work-Study

Students with work-study awards can use their on-campus jobs to develop their professional experience. Art students often find positions in the art department, Integrated Marketing and Communications, and the Center for the Arts.

Each year, about a dozen students are hired as student employees in the art department. These paid positions are aligned with the various disciplines and include:

  • printmaking assistants
  • photo lab monitors
  • digital lab monitors
  • studio art facility monitors

The experiences allow students to take on leadership roles in the department and apply their expertise for the discipline. The additional staffing also benefits the education of fellow students.

These positions are available only to students who have a work-study award, as assigned by the Financial Aid Office. Hours vary according to the amount of the work-study award.


The skills that art majors develop — from critical thinking to visual literacy — are valuable in a variety of careers. Through internships, students apply those skills in real-world situations and simultaneously learn what work environments best fit their personality and interests. Learn more »

Chicago Arts Program

Valpo students can spend 15 weeks immersed in the Chicago art world. The semester-long program is designed for college students with a strong interest in the language, visual, performing, media, and commercial arts as well as arts education and community outreach.

Students live and study in Chicago and work at a part-time internship. Participants attend events in a variety of artistic media, meet and interview guest artists and arts professionals, and write about and discuss practical and theoretical issues. Learn more »

Study Abroad

Art students are welcome to participate in any of Valpo’s 25 Study Abroad programs, and many of those opportunities include focused experiential learning opportunities:

  • Internships are included in 12 of the semester and year-long programs.
  • Most programs include a service learning component.


Kyle Smart ’15

“I believe in functional learning, and the art department has always been amazing at that. We work on pieces that build our portfolio, and better yet, the department has helped me get work that has furthered my education outside of the classroom.”