Student trip to Holy Land

Do you not know? Have you not heard? Pastor Jim and Prof. Mandy are co-leading a trip to the Holy Land (Israel/Palestine/Jerusalem) as a study away opportunity for Spring Break 2023, and you are invited to join!

This trip, “Learning from the Living Stones,” presents a unique opportunity for Valpo students to engage the diverse cultures, religious practices, and historical movements in Israel, Palestine, and Jerusalem. Students will be invited into conversations about how the land where Jesus lived remains deeply divided and yet regarded as holy by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The historical sites will provide context for the individuals we will meet from various stakeholding communities in the region.

We will meet weekly before the trip and will be in-country in Israel and Palestine March 7-17, 2023.

Deadline to apply is Saturday, Oct. 15.

Note: In order to take this course, THEO 368-SBX or CC-300-SA, you must have completed the prerequisite THEO 200 or CTrad before Spring 2023.