Repeatedly identified in rankings as one of the Midwest’s best values in higher education, Valpo produces graduates with a stellar record of success. The College of Arts and Sciences is at its heart.

Year after year, graduates of Valpo’s College of Arts and Sciences quickly find postgraduate positions in rewarding jobs and challenging graduate schools. The placement rate for A&S graduates has exceeded 90 percent for more than 20 consecutive years.

Graduates in every Arts & Sciences discipline — those in arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and allied professions — consistently and overwhelmingly report that they are satisfied with their work just nine months after graduation.

Personal relationships with faculty mentors who help students make wise choices play a major role in these successes. Students are also boosted by a Career Center that offers an array of resources and services, including recruiting and networking events in which representatives of hundreds of employers from around the country visit the Valpo campus each year.

Valpo Arts and Sciences students get something far more valuable than training for a single job: they learn critical-thinking and communication skills that are broadly applicable in a range of fields. Every field’s particulars and technologies change, but the skills developed by liberal-arts education endure over time.

This edge means that Arts and Sciences graduates do more than enter the workforce easily; they are excellent candidates for promotion and lifetime career advancement.

In a recent survey, ninety-three percent of employers said that critical-thinking and communication skills are more important than college major in their hiring decisions. Eighty percent specifically stated that every student should have liberal-arts education. The skills developed by education at the College of Arts and Sciences build strong organizations, bringing long-term benefits to both communities and individuals.

Ranked for Value

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No. 5 in the Midwest
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No. 2 Best Value in the Midwest

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U.S. News and World Report Rankings 2016
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