33-hour B.A. in Digital Media

The current revolution in communication has not lessened the need for content; if anything, it has increased that need. Valpo’s digital media major thus focuses on both digital delivery and content. Students create digital content in state-of-the-art video and audio production studios and editing labs, while at the same time learning the professional and legal requirements associated with digital content. Students take courses in digital video and audio production and editing, the digital media industries, journalism, videography (camera principles), web design, and desktop publishing.

As with the communication major, the digital media major is flexible, allowing students to take courses, beyond those required, throughout the department and university.


B.A. students in digital media at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the B.A. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical thinking skills while introducing the student to global cultures and traditions. General-education requirements for the B.A. (.pdf) ยป

Requirements for the Major

The following courses constitute the minimum 33 credits required for the major.

COMM 100 Communication Processes and Practice 3 credits
COMM 198  Introduction to Video Production 3 credits
COMM 243 Public Communication 3 credits
COMM 251 Studio Television Production 3 credits
COMM 299 Multi-Media and Web Design 3 credits
COMM 386 Internship 2 credits
COMM 499 Capstone Senior Project 3 credits

Nine additional COMM credits from any of the following:

  • COMM 230 Graphic Design I
  • COMM 250 The Radio Industry and Audio Production
  • COMM 261 Foundations of Journalism
  • COMM 286 Campus Media Practicum
  • COMM 320 Internet News Delivery
  • COMM 322 Sports Media Formats
  • COMM 330 Advanced Desktop Publishing
  • COMM 353 Media Programming
  • COMM 361 Advanced Journalism
  • COMM 373 Legal Environment of Digital Media
  • COMM 380 Television Producing and Directing
  • COMM 382 Digital Media Leadership Communication
  • COMM 385 Advanced Media Production
  • COMM 450 Documentary Production
  • COMM 490 Topics in Communication
9 credits
TOTAL 33 credits