Student Projects & Research Facility (MEH 138)

Students in several programs – Computer Science, Math/Statistics, Data Science, Analytics and Modeling, Information Technology, and Cyber Security – may be invited to joining various efforts using Meier Hall’s room 138.  This lab is used by MST and CIS faculty each semester as a student projects workroom and a largely undergraduate research support area.

It can host a maximum of 6 students concurrently and is equipped with upgraded PCs loaded with software suites useful for software development and mathematically complex questions.  It contains various CIS parallel computing platforms and a 55′ display with input switching for meetings and technical discussions.  It also has what may ultimately be the most popular asset of the room – a couch described as “well suited for thinking.”

Current users and “Lab Alumni” include:

  • Alex Kaariainen
  • Brandon Sheehy
  • Kostadin Pendev
  • Dane Towner
  • Cody Packer
  • Nathan Randle
  • Frankie Vazquez
  • Gabe Fragoso
  • 2019 Unity Project Team: Robert Schenck, Jack Truax, Ryan Guerrero, Stamatis Moundoulas, Brian Wall
  • Craig Garzella
  • Joey Gaudy
  • Nathaniel Bouman
  • Maxwell Grover
  • Terry Wade
  • Sam Iselin
  • Chris Zeniecki
  • Charles Morris
  • Dylan Snyder
  • Will Arloff
  • VERUM, 2017:
    • Emma E. Ingram, University of Alabama
    • Adriana M. Ortiz Aquino, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
    • James P. Canning, SUNY Geneseo
  • Benjamin Levandowski
  • Arezu Mansuri
  • Christi Florence Calina
  • Prasuna Pillalamarri
  • Casey Primozic
  • Sammantha Nowak-Wolff
  • Brittany Reynolds