Student Projects & Research Facility (MEH 137/138)

Students in several programs – Computer Science, Math/Statistics, Data Science, Analytics and Modeling, Information Technology, and Cyber Security – may be invited to joining various efforts based in Meier Hall’s rooms 137 and 138.  This lab is used by MST and CIS faculty each semester as a student projects workroom and a research support area.

The combined rooms can provide up to 12 students with individual space while allowing for easy collaboration with both faculty and fellow students. Recent upgrades, including the allocation of both additional equipment and floorspace, is a testament to the success of the original configuration. The resources provided also reflects the ongoing commitment of the University to the individual student and the importance of the one-on-one experience.

The space is equipped with upgraded PCs loaded with software suites specific to everything from software development to tackling mathematically complex questions. It also hosts various CIS parallel computing platforms and a 55′ display with input switching for meetings and technical discussions (138) and a full size projector/speaker combination (137).  It also has what may ultimately be the most popular asset – a couch described as “well suited for thinking.”

Current users and “Lab Alumni” include:

  • Christian Garcia
  • Matt Dembny
  • Spencer Gannon – who helped build out the 138 expansion with Ethan Hawk
  • Zack Lee
  • Eric Yager
  • Nathan Harmon and the ACM/ACM-W Website Project Group
  • Dylan Grace
  • Data Science Summer 2020 (TRIPODS) REU
    • Ethan Hawk
    • Alexandra Lioutikova (Yale University)
    • Marius Orehovschi (Colby College) [Offsite]
    • Sydney Shearer  (Juniata College)
    • Ellie Strauss (Bates College) [Offsite]
    • Frankie Vazquez
  • Alex Kaariainen
  • Brandon Sheehy
  • Kostadin Pendev
  • Dane Towner
  • Cody Packer
  • Nathan Randle
  • Frankie Vazquez
  • Gabe Fragoso
  • 2019 Unity Project Team: Robert Schenck, Jack Truax, Ryan Guerrero, Stamatis Moundoulas, Brian Wall
  • Craig Garzella
  • Joey Gaudy
  • Nathaniel Bouman
  • Maxwell Grover
  • Terry Wade
  • Sam Iselin
  • Chris Zeniecki
  • Charles Morris
  • Dylan Snyder
  • Will Arloff
  • VERUM, 2017:
    • Emma E. Ingram, University of Alabama
    • Adriana M. Ortiz Aquino, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
    • James P. Canning, SUNY Geneseo
  • Benjamin Levandowski
  • Arezu Mansuri
  • Christi Florence Calina
  • Prasuna Pillalamarri
  • Casey Primozic
  • Sammantha Nowak-Wolff
  • Brittany Reynolds

Online Resources

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