Below are a variety of notes for getting the most out of the parallel systems and research compute assets (Pascal and the Mathematicians).

Connecting & Running Jobs…

  • For Windows machines, MobaXterm has proven to be an effective free client; Putty is another free option.
  • The screen and TMUX utilities are installed to facilitate running GUI-powered and other jobs requiring stable SSH connections.  MEH 138 has console access for euler/noether/fermat/mandelbrot; this is another way to leave something running easily.
    • For TMUX directions see here.
    • For Screen directions try this link, or here.


Pascal, etc. have had several specialized tools installed, including:

  • Maple
    • /opt/maple2019/bin/xmaple (GUI)
    • /opt/maple2019/bin/maple  (Command line)
  • Matlab (see: toolboxes list) – /usr/local/MATLAB/R2018a/bin/matlab
  • NetLogo – /usr/local/NetLogo_6.1.0/NetLogo
  • R Studio
    • on mandelbrot use: QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext rstudio
    • on all other systems use: rstudio

Operating Systems…

  • Ubuntu Linux is the usual OS; exceptions include the BCCD, which runs LittleFe.

General Tips…

  • The Unix/Linux OS family allows the “:” character in filenames.  Windows does not… (bulk rename utilities are available, however)
  • Spaces in filenames on Unix/Linux are good to avoid.  (Permitted, but not recommended…!
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