Ali Aljaziri


Ali Aljaziri Previously worked in Public Relations, now seeking a new opportunity Graduated: May 2011
Degree: Bachelor Degree in PR

Best memories from your Valpo days:

My favorite memory is when I picked a nickname in the middle of the class and that name was JAZ!

That was such a beautiful time for me! At Valpo, I learned a lot in my life, and I loved so many things there; the track that took me to the downtown, I loved to run every morning even with rainy weather, and I remember the beautiful music around the restaurants. I wish I could go back and walk its streets to re-make my memories and the beautiful pictures in my mind, and hear people give me a beautiful “Hello!”. Valpo, I will never forget your memories.

A recent adventure:

Since I got back to my home, I traveled to some of the nearby countries, such as; Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, UK, and in 2017 to US in Valpo, and Ohio. And my next plan is to go back again to US.

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