School Transfer

To transfer your F-1 immigration record out of Valparaiso University to another U.S. educational institution, you must follow the steps below. Remember, although you may apply to multiple schools, your record can only attend be held by one.

  1. Log on to iValpo (the blue button under Full Client Services). Find the SEVIS Transfer-out Request e-form under the F-1 Student Services tab.
  2. Fill out, then submit this e-form. Please allow five business days for processing. More time may be necessary if follow-up is required. You will receive a notification to your Valpo email account when your request has been approved.

On the SEVIS release date: (The release date will normally be the end of the current semester, unless you are on Optional Practical Training.)

  1. Valpo will no longer have access to your record to make any changes (e.g. change your transfer school);
  2. On-campus jobs, assistantships, CPT, OPT, or any other employment based on your Valpo I-20/DS-2019 will be terminated;
  3. The new school will have full access to your SEVIS record. They will issue you a new transfer I-20/DS2019. Please contact the International Student Advisor at your new institution inf you have questions about checking in and completing your transfer process. Simply receiving a new I-20/DS 2019 does not complete the transfer process.

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