Update I-20 or DS-2019

General Updates

If there is a change in your name, country of citizenship, dependent information, major, degree level, or funding source, we need to update that information and reflect it on a new I-20 or new DS-2019.

Please schedule an appointment with an International Programs advisor to process a new immigration document. Bring your current I-20, passport, I-94, and supporting document indicating the necessary changes.

For Change of Major and Add Dependent requests, you must apply through iValpo. Please find the appropriate e-form under the ‘F-1 Student Services’ tab. You will be notified through email when your request has been approved.

If you are changing your educational level by staring a new degree program at Valpo, you must have an updated I-20 or DS-2019 BEFORE the start date of the new educational level.  You will receive information about your updated I-20 once you have been admitted into the new program.

Update Your Address

You are legally required to notify International Programs of any personal address change within 10 days. You can do this through completing the Local Address Change e-form on the iValpo site. This applies to current students and students on Optional Practical Training or Academic Training (OPT).

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