Helpful Information

What to do if you/someone you know experience sexual violence:

Reach Out:

Consider calling or texting a trusted friend or relative who can provide support at that time. If you reside in a residence hall you can also reach out to an RA or Residential Learning Coordinator(RLC).

Consider Receiving Medical Attention:

If an assault has just occurred please do not shower and collect the articles of clothing you were wearing at the time and place them in a paper bag. The closest Emergency Room is located at Northwest Health Emergency Services at 1900 Roosevelt Road, Valparaiso, IN. Please note that if you do go to the emergency room their procedure is to call the police. If you would like to ensure that VUPD is the department that responds please contact them directly at 219.464.5430. They will also be able to provide you with transportation to the Emergency Room. You may also contact your RA and the RLC on call if you are a residential student to help you in arranging transportation. You are not required to file charges or move forward with a report unless you choose to do so.

If you do not choose this option, you can make an appointment at the University Health Center at a later date for support and services surrounding STD testing.

Reporting Options:

You can report your assault by contacting VUPD or utilizing the reporting forms on the Title IX website. Please note that Residential Life Staff, including RAS, and VUPD are mandated reporters and will contact the Title IX Office. You do not need to move forward with a report if you do not choose to but the office will follow up with you to provide you with options and resources.

Emotional/Confidential Support:

The prevention and Wellness Office has been approved as a confidential space by the Title IX Coordinator where you can reach out to share your experience and explore your options and resources available to you at the pace you prefer. To make an appointment with the Office please call 219.464.6833.

Other Confidential sources are The Counseling Center, University Pastors, and the Student Health Center.

Other Helpful Resources