Room Selection 2020-2021: For New Students

New Student Room Selection Process

Welcome to Valparaiso University! We are happy that you will be joining our campus starting in the Fall of 2021.

Our eight residence halls and apartment complexes are home to 2,000 undergraduate students. Of these residence halls, one houses members of Valpo’s six national sororities. With a six-semester live-on requirement, all first-year, sophomore, and junior students are required to live in approved University housing.

Residency is a key component of the mission of Valparaiso University. The residence halls are central to this effort by providing living and learning experiences that contribute to the growth and development of students while enhancing their overall education at Valpo. Residential Life provides various programs, services, and leadership opportunities, which promote the student learning mission.

New Student On-Campus Housing Application

As an incoming student, you will complete your New Student On-Campus Housing Application via your Housing Self-Service after you register for classes when you attend FOCUS in June. If you are not attending FOCUS in June, you will be able to complete the application after completing placement exams and registering for classes via phone/skype registration. If you do not take advantage of phone/skype registration, our office will send an email to your Valpo email address to collect your housing preferences, living preferences, and roommate preferences if you have any. Preferences will be due in late June.

In your New Student On-Campus Housing application, students are asked to provide emergency contact information and housing preferences. Once your On-Campus Housing application is complete, if interested, you will then be able to search for a roommate based on living preferences, or you can search for someone you met at FOCUS. Please note, if you do not request a roommate, you will be paired with an individual based on living preferences.

Room Assignments

We try our best to place students in their top choice. However, due to space availability and hall popularity, we are not always able to assign students to their top choice.

What halls do first-year students reside in?

The three main halls that our first-year students reside in are Alumni Hall, Lankenau Hall, and Brandt Hall. Each hall has the same room layout. Alumni and Lankenau Halls have built-in furniture and sinks in the rooms while Brandt Hall has movable furniture and carpet. Alumni and Lankeau’s first-floor lounges will be undergoing renovations in the summer of 2021.

What halls do transfer students reside in?

Transfer students are placed with their class cohort. Upper-class students generally reside in Beacon Hall, Guild/Memorial Halls, and Wehrenberg Hall. There is limited availability in our apartment-style options. We try our best to place residents based on preference and hall availability.

When will I find out about my building and roommate assignments?

Room assignment information will be sent via email in mid-July. Along with your assignment, you will receive the name and contact information of your roommate(s) as well as information on move-in & check-in procedures. Room assignments will also be available through a student’s Housing Self-Service (accessible through DataVU).

Incoming Student Roommate Requests

Students will only be able to search for and request a roommate after that person has also completed the On-Campus Housing Application. If you cannot find your desired roommate, then they need to complete the On-Campus Housing Application and will do so at their FOCUS session.

Mutual requests for specific roommates are honored when possible. Otherwise, roommates are paired using the information supplied on your On-Campus Housing Application.

To find your desired roommate log into your “Housing Self-Service”. Under the “Room Selection” tab, select “Select Roommates”; you will then be able to search your roommate based on their name. When you find your roommate(s), you will request them, which will send them an email notification (similar to a Facebook friend request). Your roommate will need to log into their Housing Self-Service to confirm you as their roommate. All students must be mutually matched to be assigned to a space with one another.

First-year students can only select one roommate since all first-year spaces only hold two students.

If you do not have a roommate in mind, you may search for one based on living and personal preferences provided in your New Student On-Campus Housing Application or you can post on the Valparaiso University Class of Facebook page.

The deadline for roommates and building/living preferences is Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Medical/Special Accommodation Requests

If you have a Housing Accommodation or an Access and Accommodations Resource Center Accommodation (AARC), contact our office as soon as possible for further instructions regarding your accommodation.

If you have been instructed to complete a new Special/Medical Accommodation Request form (required each year for most individuals), you can find the form below. This form can be faxed to our office at 219.464.5256 or emailed to by your medical professional.

Housing Special/Medical Accommodation or an Access and Accommodations Resource Center Accommodations paperwork for incoming students is due Wednesday, June 30, 2021.  If you are attending FOCUS in June we ask you to stop by the AARC table at the student services fair.

MicroFridges in Student Rooms

Hot plates, toasters, space heaters, open heating coil appliances, individual AC units etc. are not permitted in the residence hall rooms. Each residence hall room is outfitted with a MicroFridge an all-in-one combination refrigerator/freezer/microwave oven engineered with Safe Plug technology to save electricity and reduce the risk of overloading circuits. Students do not need to bring a fridge or microwave as one is provided but are responsible for cleaning the unit at the end of the year to the standard it was provided at.

Our Camps Market – Linen and Residence Hall Room Essentials

Looking to decorate your residence hall and purchase your room linen and essentials all in one place? New students always seem to bring too much for their room. To help you avoid overspending and overpacking, we’ve linked materials for our popular “off to college program.” The items in this link are approved for our halls and specially priced for incoming families.