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Amenities and Services

Your housing cost will be billed to your student account.

Electricity, gas, water, heating and air conditioning (if applicable), cable television, one internet data connection per room (with the exception of the Promenade Apartments), Wi-Fi in every residence hall, and free washers and dryers.

Your room includes:

  • Furniture (one per resident): twin XL size bed and mattress; desk with chair; closet or wardrobe; dresser.
  • Window blinds or curtains.
  • Carpet in the following halls: Brandt, the Sorority Housing Complex, and Promenade Apartments. Most Lankenau first-floor rooms have carpet as well.
  • MicroFridge unit in each student room in the following halls: Alumni, Brandt, Beacon, Lankenau, Wehrenberg, Guild, and Memorial.  

Most of the furniture in Alumni and Lankenau Halls is affixed to the walls in the rooms. In Wehrenberg, and Guild Memorial Halls wardrobes and dressers/closets are built-in. However, beds and desks are movable. All other halls have movable furniture. To learn more about specific halls and their furniture visit our Residence Halls Page.

Furniture and equipment are not to be removed from an assigned place of use (this includes desk chairs).  We want you to make yourself at home, so feel free to decorate your room with these stipulations in mind: please use adhesives that come off easily, don’t drill into or use anything that would damage the wall or wood.

Most beds are a twin XL (80 inch).

For student safety, lofts, decks, and bed risers are prohibited in all residence halls.

Alumni, Lankenau, and Brandt do not have building-wide AC. However, they have some common area spaces on the first floor that have AC. All other halls on campus have AC.

The Sorority Housing Complex, Beacon, Guild/Memorial, Kade-Duesenberg German House, and Wehrenberg Halls are air-conditioned. In addition, the Promenade Apartments are air-conditioned. There is an added cost for rooms in these halls. There are a limited number of air-conditioned rooms available elsewhere on campus for students with documented medical needs. Due to the limited number of available rooms, medical needs are prioritized based on medical need, severity, and consultation with the Academic and Accommodations Resource Center. There is an additional fee to have an air-conditioning unit activated in the applicable room.

Each room is equipped with one network port per room for personal computers (with the exception of the Promenade Apartments), as well as wireless network services throughout the residence hall. The Promenade Apartments do not have ethernet ports and is only wireless. If residents want to connect to wired internet they need to bring their own ethernet cable. A splitter may be used for additional computers to be connected to the port. Each residence hall, with the exception of the Promenade Apartments, has a 24-hour computer lab with a printer that utilizes the university’s print quota system.

All residence hall rooms have been upgraded to receive a customized channel line up with more than 75 channels of entertainment, sports, news, local broadcast, and educational content. The service will be broadcast throughout campus and will be provided free to campus residents as a convenience of occupancy. All that is necessary to receive the service is a cable-ready television and a coaxial cable to connect the television to the cable outlet in the wall.

Yes! Each hall has kitchen facilities for resident use. Microwaves are available in most floor lounges and each residence hall has at least one community kitchen location. The Promenade Apartments have full kitchens that include, gas stoves, dishwashers, fridges, and built-in microwaves in each unit. Since most other appliances are prohibited, students are encouraged to prepare food in the appropriate kitchen located in each residence hall.

Every residence hall has a laundry area, typically in the basement. Residents of the Promenade Apartments have washers and dryers in unit. The cost of laundry is built into the university room rate.  Laundry is free, so students do not have to pay out of pocket each time they want to do laundry. All washers are high-efficiency (HE) machines so please be sure to purchase HE soap.

Depending upon the hall in which you live, a variety of lounges are available. Some lounges have TVs, microwaves, pool tables, and more. Others are set aside for quiet study or group project work.

Halls with elevators include:

  • Alumni Hall
  • Beacon Hall
  • Brandt Hall
  • Guild and Memorial Halls
  • Kade Dusenberg German House
  • Lankenau Hall
  • Promenade Apartments
  • Wehrenberg Hall

Depending upon the hall in which you live, a variety of items are available for check out. Typically, most halls have vacuums, and pots and pans are available for check-out at the front desk of most residence halls.

Residential Learning Coordinators (RLCs) are full-time, master’s level professional staff members who live in each residence hall. Each RLC supervises a student staff of Resident Assistants and oversees the daily functions of a residence hall, or group of halls. They assist students with personal or academic issues, advise the House Council, Student Conduct Boards, and monitor building operations.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper-class students who serve as peer advisers and educators for students living in the residence halls. RAs go through an extensive screening and training process to prepare them to work with students. RAs are a valuable resource to students in the transition to a new environment, helping residents develop time management and academic success skills, and creating opportunities for students to meet others and make new friends.