FOCUS New Student Orientation assists new Crusaders in their transition to life at Valpo. FOCUS is required of all new students and is recommended for parents/guardians of first-year students.

Meet new classmates, take placement exams, register for classes, learn about the Valpo campus, and more.

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Summer 2015 FOCUS Schedules:

First-Year Students

Transfer Students


Summer 2016 FOCUS Schedules will look similar and will be posted by the end of February.

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Orientation Assistants

Deadline: 8 a.m. February 15


Summer 2016
Registration opens March 1, 8:30 a.m. CST

June 6-7 - all students
June 10-11 - all students
June 13-14 - all students
June 17-18 - all students
June 21-22 - all students
August 19 - students whose home is >500 miles from Valpo

Contact Us
(+1) 219.464.5413

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Foreign language and chemistry placement exams should be completed online before you attend FOCUS. See the Placement Exams page for more information.