FOCUS New Student Orientation assists new students in their transition to life at Valpo. FOCUS is required of all new students and is recommended for parents/guardians of first-year students.

Meet new classmates, learn about the tools and resources you will use on a daily basis, register for classes, learn about the Valpo campus, and more.


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June 2017 FOCUS Schedules

First-Year Students

Transfer Students




August 2016 FOCUS Schedules (2017 will be similar):

First-Year Students

Transfer Students





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Placement Assessments

Overnight Stay, Meals, and Special Needs


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Welcome Week

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Summer 2017
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June 8-9 - Full; closed
June 12-13= Full; closed
June 15-16 - Full; closed

June 19-20
June 26-27
August 18*

*For students whose home is 500+ miles from Valpo

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(+1) 219.464.5413

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Complete math, foreign language, and chemistry placement online before FOCUS. Students may do this anytime between now and June 1. See the Placement Assessments page for more information and links to do your assessments.