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This idea coupled with the opportunities that Valparaiso University's Liberal Arts curriculum offers is the strength of the Valparaiso University Art Department.

The Valparaiso University Art Department offers its majors three tracks to pursue. Minor studies in Art also serve many students majoring in other concentrations. Course work in the traditional Studio Arts as well as the Digital Arts give students the opportunity to understand how art is made, seen and valued. Historical understanding and foundations are supported by art history course work, as well as the Brauer Museum of Art. Professional internship opportunities are available to students as well as study abroad programing. Art students in the various mediums have publishing opportunities with the Light, Torch and Beacon.

For further information, contact the Department of Art at 219-465-7803 or the Office of Admission at 1-800-348-2611. Direct postal inquiries to: Department of Art, Valparaiso University Center for the Arts, 1709 Chapel Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383.

Interested in applying?

Please go to the Valparaiso University Admission website for information or apply online.

If you have questions about the Art Department, please feel free to e-mail Professor Aimee Tomasek, Department Chair at

Studio Art (45 credits)
Art (30 credits)
Digital Media (45 credits)

45 Credit Studio Art Major

This track is designed for a student with interests in the traditional Studio Art mediums; Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics.

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30 Credit Major

The student will have exposure to a variety of media and historical perspectives with this major coupled with another major or a minor. Note that Art Education courses are not part of this track and a student must also be active with the Education Department to fulfill Art Education goals.

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45 Credit Digital Media Arts Major

The 45 credit Digital Media Arts Major is designed for the student that wants to pursue Graphic Design, Photography, Video Arts, Digital Animation and Web Design and Blogging. 

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Art Calendar and Events

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Department of Art
Valparaiso University Center for the Arts
1709 Chapel Drive  Room 2412
Valparaiso, IN 46383

Kimberly Demorotski - Administrative Assistant

Aimee Tomasek - Chair

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