Program Information

Students at Valparaiso University may enroll in several art courses without selecting art as a major or minor. Some courses however do require pre-requisites. Many of our students enroll in art courses for the purpose of personal enjoyment and with no vocational plans. Others combine the study of art with psychology, public relations, education, business or literature. This occurs at the level of the minor or major. The Art Minor, in studio art or art history, consists of five courses. Students who wish to major in art may choose one of two degree programs, a Bachelor’s of Art (BA) at 30 credit hours (10 courses in the art major), or the Bachelor’s of Science in the Fine Arts (BSFA) at a minimum of 54 credit hours (18 or more courses in the art major). The first degree is for those students who intend to go into primary or secondary art education, art history, commercial photography or graphic design. The BSFA degree typically is for those students who plan to attend graduate school or who want a much larger concentration in an area of their choice. This degree program requires a special portfolio review for admission and culminates in a senior seminar and exhibition.

Upon graduation, our students in recent years have either attended or been accepted to graduate programs at the following institutions: School of the Art Institute of Chicago; University of Chicago; California Institute of the Arts; Indiana University; University of Maryland; Stanford University; Bard College; Iowa State University; University of Michigan; Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Pratt Institute of Art.

In the fall of 1995, the new $19.2 million Center for the Arts opened on campus. This facility includes astate-of-the-art Graphic Design Lab, Photography Lab, Art History facilities, and the capacity for working in interactive media to bring graphic design, photography, video and music production together in a single electronic environment.

The VUCA is home also to the Brauer Museum of Art and the Departments of Music and Theatre and Television Arts. The Brauer Museum possesses a strong permanent collection of American art and currently has more than 3000 pieces. Every year, the museum curates and displays work from its permanent collection, as well as temporary exhibitions by artists of regional, national, and international importance. In addition, the museum has annual exhibitions of work by VU art students and BSFA students, as well as biennial exhibitions of art by art faculty members.