Honors and Research Opportunities

Departmental Honors Work

20151015 RLW Campus Scenes with Students-011Honors work is designated for students of exceptional ability who may benefit by earning a limited number of the credits required for graduation through supervised independent study rather than through regular course work. Students who apply for Honors Work should understand that their work will be evaluated according to the highest standards of scholarly achievement.

Honors Work may be pursued by any student who is a degree candidate in the College of Arts and Sciences and whose major or program is administered by a department or an administrative committee within the College.

A student who has completed at least 80 credit hours, but has not yet entered upon the work of the last two semesters, and who has a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 and a grade point average in the major of at least 3.50 may apply through the major department or program committee for admission to Honors Work. To apply, the student must submit a plan for a major independent project which will be undertaken under the supervision of a member of the major department or program. The application form, which requires the student to articulate the independent project briefly, clearly, and with a timetable and modest bibliography, is included in this link:

College of Arts & Sciences Honors Work HandbookMay Graduation Cycle

  • includes Notice of Intent to Pursue Honors Work on p. 10

College of Arts & Sciences Honors Work HandbookDecember Graduation Cycle

  • includes Notice of Intent to Pursue Honors Work on p. 10

Research and Scholarship Opportunities

20140718 JLH Chemistry Scenes-025The Valparaiso University Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression is a conference that allows undergraduate students to showcase their creative and/or scholarly work and research in a professional format.

The Symposium began as the idea of an interdisciplinary group of faculty who attended several national meetings on the role of research in the undergraduate experience of college students. Several universities and national groups currently offer conferences for undergraduate students to present research, and it was felt that there should be an opportunity for VU students to share this work with the campus community.

Students who have worked on high quality class projects, senior projects and theses, or independent scholarship are encouraged to participate. Projects completed or near completion in the Fall Term would be excellent choices for presentation at the Symposium. Spring Term projects are also welcome as long as, in your estimation, they are close to completion.