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What Should I Bring?

You should bring towels, blankets, bedspread, sheets, alarm clock, laundry basket and detergent, iron, blow dryer, television, stereo, rugs, pictures, hangers, toiletries, desk lamp, etc. In short, bring what you need to make yourself feel at home. But remember, there is limited space in the rooms. Check with your roommate to make sure you are not bringing two stereos, two televisions, etc.

What to Bring
Alarm clock
Bathrobe, towels (hand towels, washcloths, bath towels), shower shoes
Bedding: extra-long twin sheets (39″x80″), blankets, pillows, pillow cases
Cleaning Supplies
Ear plugs, headphones
Ethernet Cable
Laundry items: basket, detergent, hangers
Lock (for your bike and/or computer)
Plate, cups, silverware
Power strip (UL approved, with surge protector)
Rain gear, umbrella
Reusable water bottle
TV and necessary cables

What Not to Bring
Amplified instruments or drum sets
BBQ grills, charcoal, lighter fluid, propane
Candles, lanterns, smoking devices, or other fire hazardous items
Extension cords (without an internal circuit breaker)
Firearms, knives or other weapons
Paintball guns, air-guns, BB guns
Pets (except fish, in up to 10-gallon tank)
Halogen lamps
Coffee maker (Keurigs and non-hot-plate Coffee Makers are OK)
Microwave (Alumni, Lankenau and Brandt Only)
Portable heater or individual AC units

Pets (except fish), waterbeds, microwaves (except Beacon, Guild/Memorial, Kade-Duesenberg German House, the Sorority Housing Complex and Wehrenberg Halls), candles, and any open heating coil appliances are not permitted. Alcohol, drugs, and firearms are also prohibited.

Due to their high heat production, halogen floor lamps and light bulbs are prohibited from use. Halogen desk lamps may not exceed 50 watts and must have a protective glass lens over the bulb.

Please note that these are some of the most common items in question which are not allowed in the residence halls; this is not an all-inclusive list. For specific questions about items which do not appear on this list, please contact Residential Life. You may also consult the Student Handbook.

The following halls have carpet: 807 Mound St., Brandt, the Sorority Housing Complex, the Uptown East Apartments, the Promenade East Apartments and Lankenau first-floor rooms.

If your space is not carpeted, we recommend that you purchase a remnant and cut this to size once you arrive on campus. In residence halls with built-in furniture (Alumni and Lankenau), there are 51 inches of floor width between the beds. Carpet will not fit under the beds due to the frames attached to the floor.

Yes, you can bring your own personal computer for your room. All of the residence hall rooms and apartments have direct access to the University network (both wired and wireless) and internet. The Promenade East Apartments do not have ethernet ports. You will need to provide your own network and/or wireless cards. Each residence hall also has a 24-hour computer lab for resident use. To learn more about the specifications for computers in the residence halls, go to our University Information Technology website.

One small refrigerator (no more than 4.0 cubic feet, 5.0 amperes) per room. Hot plates, toasters, space heaters, open heating coil appliances, individual AC units etc. are not permitted in the residence hall rooms.

Microwaves are prohibited because they overload the building’s circuits when used in combination with other appliances in the room. We do offer a rental option that would allow one to have both a microwave and refrigerator. The MicroFridge is an all-in-one combination refrigerator/freezer/microwave oven engineered with Safe Plug technology to save electricity and reduce the risk of overloading circuits. Roommates may sign up together and split the annual rental fee. The units are delivered directly to the room before you move in. Roommates may sign up together and split the rental fee, and units are delivered directly to the room before you move in. To order or to learn more about the program, go to and select Valparaiso University or click HERE.

If you wish to bring your own, the refrigerator is limited to 4.0 cubic feet and must draw fewer than 5.0 amps of electricity. One refrigerator is permitted per room.

We have an excellent partner in the rental program, Collegiate Concepts, Inc. They offer different rental programs and a unique product called a Microfridge — a patented microwave/freezer/refrigerator. Roommates may sign up together and split the rental fee, and units are delivered directly to the room before you move in. To order or to learn more about the program, go to and select Valparaiso University or click HERE.

Yes, limited storage space is located in most residence halls for use by current residents only. Storage is only available for students 500 miles or further, within the hall they are living in next year (storage is not available for residents of the Promenade Apartments, Kade Dusenberg German House or Sorority Housing Complex).  If you live closer and need storage there are storage lockers in the community not far from campus. Students approved for storage can only store one 30 gallon plastic tote and no appliances, furniture, or other odd belongings. The university is not responsible for items placed in storage.