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The Mission of SALT

The Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) is the Spirit-led social justice ministry of the Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University in which students in community seek to embody the Christian call to be the "salt of the earth" (Matt. 5:13). SALT helps students develop a passion and practice of Christian social action. SALTers draw upon God’s love for people to cultivate the skills of community organizing, awareness raising, and fund development. SALT alumni are equipped to lead lives of social justice and serve as agents for positive change in their communities.

Every year, the Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) of the Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University selects one project for which to raise money, the World Relief Campaign. This is in addition to numerous activities done locally which generate hundreds of volunteer hours by students and benefit the Valparaiso area. SALT is involved in local volunteering, spring break service trips and church-based community organizing.


Get involved

Meetings are Tuesday evenings at 9:30 p.m. when classes are in session. Most will be held in the Mueller Hall Refectory. Like us on Facebook to keep up with our events.

You can join SALT’s list serv by sending an email to Leave the subject line blank and type the message “subscribe salt-l” in the body of the message. The character after the hyphen is an “L”.

World Relief Campaign 2014!

Kick-Start Kibera: Crafting a Brighter Future

Our 2014 World Relief Campaign is complete! Thanks to all who helped SALT raise $30,137.00!

See the World Relief Campaign page to learn more about the campaign.

Below: Scenes from the 2014 Color 4 a Cause 5K, the biggest fundraiser for the World Relief Campaign.


A student, covered in powdered paint, after the 2014 Color 4 a Cause 5K

Students participate in 2014 C4C

Our SALTy publications

Love travel? The 2014 Valpo InterAction (VIA) magazine is out! Pick up a copy on campus or view it and past issues on our VIA page. 

The Spring edition of the Shaker, SALT's quarterly newsletter, is available on campus now.

You can also read back issues of the Shaker:

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November 2013 edition

Spring 2013 edition

February 2013

December 2012

October 2012 issue 

October 2011

December 2011

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April 2012


SALT Staff 2013-14

Advisor (Pastor Jim): University Pastor James Wetzstein has filled the roles for many years.  He helps SALT to be organized, professional, and successful.  He is dedicated to the SALT mission, a friend, and a fundraising guru.  He also loves to talk with SALTers by sharing one-on-ones with them. 

Chair: (Grace Shemwell)  The student leader of SALT who keeps the nuts and bolts of SALT going week-to-week and helps to shape the vision for SALT each year. The Chair is responsible for planning, preparing for, and leading weekly SALT meetings, coordinating and providing support for the SALT staff, and communicating with faculty, staff, other student groups, and community members on behalf of SALT. The Chair is responsible for keeping the dynamic balance of responding to the concerns and ideas of SALT as a whole and making sure that SALT responds to current projects. The Chair reports to and is supported by the SALT Advisor, Pastor Jim. 

Chaplain: (Mary O’Brien)  This student helps keep SALT spiritually focused at all times.  The chaplain is also responsible for challenging the group to consider why and how Christians are called to seek social justice.  The chaplain does this by delegating SALTers to lead devotions at the start of the regular meeting and organizing bible studies and other opportunities for SALTers to question, reflect, pray and fellowship, all within the context of a Christian community.

Focus Group Coordinator: (Andrew Denecke) This student is responsible for coordinating focus groups and communicating with and serving as a resource for the focus group leaders.  The Focus Group Coordinator works closely with the PSJS Coordinators to coordinate the focus group presentations at the PSJS.

One-on-One Coordinator/Social Chair:(Mary O’Brien & Chelsea Kiehl) This student educates SALT about the importance of one-on-ones and attempts to keep SALT’ers accountable and active in one-on-ones throughout the year.

Peace and Social Justice Symposium Coordinator: (Caleb Rollins) This student organizes the part of the annual Peace and Social Justice Symposium which SALT has been assigned.  This student stays in communication with the PSJS committee and works closely with the Focus Group Coordinator and Focus Group Leaders as they prepare their presentations for the break-out sessions. 

Public Relations: (Heidi Binder)  This student is responsible for advertising SALT events to campus through posters, Facebook events and twitter updates as well as being in contact with on-campus and local newspapers about the happenings of SALT, providing press releases and stories.  Additionally, this student works with Pr. Jim to make changes and revisions to the brand, ensuring that publications, advertisements and SALT gear are all consistently branded with the logo.

Secretary: (Ashley Long) This student takes notes at group and staff meetings, sending out minutes from the large group meeting through the listserv, and minutes from staff meetings to the staff.  This student keeps track of attendance during meetings and events and is also responsible for keeping record of SALT events through maintaining binders and a SALT scrapbook.

Service Trip Coordinator: (Shannon Segin) This student works throughout the year to organize, plan, and recruit for service trips that take place during spring break. These trips have been located in several different areas including Restoration Ministries, Camp Restore in New Orleans, and Lutheran World Relief in Minot, North Dakota. This student works to bring awareness to the important of service and leadership through service while on these trips.

LMI Representative: (Andrew Denecke)  This student is Valpo’s Fellow for the Lutheran Malaria Initiative and is responsible for raising funds and awareness on campus and in the broader community in order to support ongoing efforts in the fight to end malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa. This student serves as a liaison between the LMI Student Action Team and SALT, informing SALTers of ways in which they can become active in LMI’s efforts at Valpo. The goals and foundations of SALT and LMI are very similar, yet one is not the byproduct of the other; as such, this student is responsible for communicating this new and ever changing relationship not just to each group, but also to the campus community.

Service Coordinator: (Kayla Logan and Chris Barnes) This student delegates volunteer projects and serves as a resource for those who take leadership on projects such as the Crop Walk and Fair Trade Fair.  This student is also in charge of organizing service spring break trips for the campus community.  This includes finding funding for the trips, selecting trip destinations, creating itineraries and recruiting students to lead and attend the trips.  

Shaker Editors: (Miranda Joebgen and Abigail Blake)  This student recruits writers for the Shaker. Being the editor also involves compiling articles into a readable and aesthetically pleasing format and seeing the Shaker through printing and distribution.  

VIA Editors: (Shelby Riley and Andrew Denecke) This position recruits writers for the Valpo InterAction magazine.  The editors, with the help of a committee, help select writings and pictures for the magazine. Being an editor also involves compiling articles into a readable and aesthetically pleasing format and seeing the VIA through printing and distribution.  Currently, the editor position is also in charge of fundraising for the cost of printing.   The VIA editors also work to promote study abroad and intentional travel on VU's campus.  This requires a close working relationship with the study abroad office, which specifically involves co-planning a student re-entry session and a photo contest.  

WRC Chair: (Caleb Rollins) This student leads SALT in the World Relive Campaign, acting as the face of the campaign and is in charge of spearheading the Campaign from the application process through the fundraising process and the celebration of reaching the goal! In the fall, the WRC Chair works with the SALT Chair and the rest of the staff to prepare the WRC application, coordinate the application process, and lead SALT in choosing a project. In the spring, the WRC Chair coordinates with committee leaders, as well as community and campus representatives, to reach SALT’s fundraising goal. In addition to these responsibilities, the WRC Chair provides support to the Chair and staff to lead SALT. 


World Relief Campaign events:

See the World Relief Campaign page for more info.