International Students

Tuition and Scholarships for Undergraduate International Students

We want you to focus on your studies and not your status. Here, we’ve compiled links to keep you informed and connected.

Scholarships for Undergraduate International Students

All undergraduate students are automatically considered for academic merit-based scholarships up to $30,000 USD dependent on their application for admission and supporting documents. Students will be notified of any scholarship awards at the same time they are notified of their admission decision. Apply now

  • Our preferred date for all undergraduate/Bachelor’s seeking students to submit their documents and supporting materials is May 1.

Admitted Undergraduate International Students

Valpo does offer the #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship opportunity for admitted international undergraduate freshman applicants.

U.S. Immigration regulations require students provide evidence of financial resources to be used to cover all expenses during the student’s proposed course of study. Please submit documentation of liquid funds for the first year of study. An I-20 or DS-2019 will not be issued without complete and official financial documentation. Certification of Finances
Students may subtract any Valparaiso University scholarships they have been awarded upon acceptance from the total amount required on the Certification of Finances.

Prepare to join our supportive global community

June 1 is our preferred decision deadline for students to submit their enrollment deposit in order to have adequate time to process all immigration documents and assist students in arriving to Valparaiso University ahead of International Student Orientation.

Tuition and Fees

Valpo’s tuition and fees are competitive with some of the best colleges and universities in the region and has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report for Best Value in the Midwest. See Valpo’s current tuition and fees.

Need-based financial aid from Valparaiso University is not available to international students.

Congratulations on your scholarship and housing grant to Valparaiso University.  Please be aware of the following to keep your scholarship and housing grants.

International Merit-based scholarships are offered to students demonstrating exceptional high school achievement. To receive financial aid at Valparaiso University, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward your degree.  In order to continue to receive financial aid, undergraduate students must maintain the following minimum grade point average:

  • Freshmen (less than 24 credit hours completed) 1.65
  • Sophomores (24 to 55 credit hours completed) 1.75
  • Junior and above (greater than 55 credit hours completed) 2.00
  • Credit Hours Completed

You must complete at least 2/3’s of all credit hours attempted with a passing grade. At the end of each academic year, your total hours successfully completed will be compared to your total hours attempted to determine whether you are meeting this requirement. All courses that you remain enrolled in past the add/drop period will count as attempted, even courses with a grade of “W” or its equivalent. Transfer credits accepted by Valparaiso University are not included in both the attempted and the completed credits.

Residentiality is a key component of the mission of Valparaiso University. The residence halls are central to this effort by providing living and learning experiences that contribute to the growth and development of students while enhancing their overall education at Valpo.  The international housing grant is awarded in an effort to assist our international students living on campus.  The grant is designated for international students who are residing on-campus and who are paying for their own accommodation. It can only be used for this purpose.  It does not apply to international students who satisfy one of the following contingencies:

  • Are on a government-sponsored program and their sponsor is paying for their housing
  • Resident Assistants (RA) who are getting compensated for housing through their employment on-campus
  • Students who reside off-campus, OR
  • Students who meet the housing exemption requirement as outlined in the University Housing Policy