Forensic Science (minor)

The forensic science minor is an interdisciplinary program intended for students majoring in biology or chemistry who are interested in the field of forensic science.

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Students in the forensic science minor have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research in forensic science. They present their findings at conferences and a few students have authored papers with faculty members.

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The Forensic Science Minor

Forensic science is the application of scientific principles to criminal and civil laws within a criminal justice system with the goal of establishing guilt or innocence. Through the program, students will be exposed to a variety of disciplines within the field of forensic science, learn laboratory techniques applicable to forensic science, and apply them to a number of suspicious situations and criminal cases. Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of forensic science and develop the critical skills needed to collect and evaluate forensic evidence.


Students work on a blood spatter lab in Forensic Biology

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required for the minor in forensic science.

Minor Requirements for Forensic Science
BIO 445 Forensic Biology 3+3, 4 credits
BIO 493 Seminar in Biology: Forensic Science 1 credit
CHEM 340 Forensic Chemistry 2+3, 3 credits
PSY 465 Psychology and Law 3 credits
SOC 130          The Criminal Justice System 3 credits
One course from the following options:
*Prerequisites for courses in the minor, in addition to courses in the major

  • Biology majors: CHEM 230 and PSY 110
  • Chemistry majors: BIO 171, BIO 172, and PSY 110



  • Students completing this minor with a major in biology are encouraged to take BIO 340: Human Molecular Genetics and BIO 360: Modern Microscopy.
  • Students completing this minor with a major in chemistry are encouraged to take CHEM 316: Biochemistry II and CHEM 430: Advanced Instrumental Analysis.

Students cannot have more than two courses that overlap between the forensic science minor and their major, any other minors, or general education requirements.

The forensic science minor is administered by the biology and chemistry departments in consultation with the sociology and psychology departments and other interested parties.

Dr. Kristi Bugajski is the chair of the forensic science minor. Dr. Bugajski is a forensic entomologist who was featured on the TV show “Dirty Jobs” and helps train FBI agents in field collection techniques.

Contact her at for more information about the program.