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Valparaiso University’s Computing and Information Sciences department is housed in both the Gellersen Engineering and Mathematics Center and Meier Hall, these buildings are also home to the Mathematics and Statistics department, as well the College of Engineering.

Computer Laboratories

In addition to the information technology resources available to all Valpo students, the CIS department offers two dedicated computer labs in the Gellersen Engineering and Mathematics Center that support ambitious explorations of the potential of the discipline. These include 24 lab stations per room and GNU/Linux (GEM 125) or Windows (GEM 232) operating systems, either native or virtualized.

Additionally, CIS also provides a Mac Lab in Meier Hall (Meier 130) Рwhich is also home to an art gallery!  Meier Hall is also home to a three room student projects facility (MEH 137, 138, 139), which also supports students in Data Science, enables a wide range of faculty/student collaboration.

Finally, there is a third PC lab that is shared with the Math and Statistics department (GEM 160); several classrooms in both buildings have had upgrades to facilitate use of student and department owned laptops as well as the Department’s set of Google Chromebooks.

The Common and Conference Rooms

Meier Hall room 134 is the home to the Student Common Room.

MEH 137 is the CIS Department Conference room.  It is open to students, student project teams, and organizations like ACM/ACM-W and provides a large display, conference table and video conference capabilities.

Other Facilities

CIS also supports a number of other assets, including: