Valparaiso University’s computing and information sciences department is housed in the Gellersen Engineering and Mathematics Center, which is also home to the mathematics and statistics department as well as part of the University’s College of Engineering. Gellersen offers comfortable, state-of-the-art classrooms and labs.

Computer Laboratories

In addition to the information technology resources available to all Valpo students, the computing and information sciences department offers two computer laboratories that support ambitious explorations of the potential of the discipline. Features include:

  • 24 lab stations per room
  • GNU/Linux and Windows OS, either native or virtualized
  • Heavy servers that allow for substantial virtualization
  • A sandbox environment for students working on networking and operating systems
  • A secure computing network
  • A parallel computation teaching environment
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Right Next Door
CIS students who take courses at the College of Engineering have access to superb electrical and computer engineering laboratory facilities.