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Shields of Excellence

Student organizations provide significant quality to the student experience at Valparaiso University. Shields of Excellence is a tool that assist student organizations to reach the highest levels of excellence as a group. The Office of Student Activities has identified the following four areas that will help propel an organization towards excellence. Simply put, this is what great organizations do. Completion of shields will be rewarded with recognition on the Student Activities website, at the Student Organization Awards, influence office and storage space allocation, and include other incentives.

  • Recognition of completed shields next to student organization profile on Student Activities website
  • Office and storage space within the Union will be allocated to student organizations based on completion of shields (preference given to those with more completed)
  • Free two hour private game room rental voucher for your organization ($135 value) upon completion of all three¬†shields
  • Recognition at Student Organization Awards of¬†completion levels
    • In order to be eligible for the Student Organization of the Year, Program of the Year, Commitment to Leadership and Service awards your organization must have completed all three shields
Active Status
  • Participate in the Student Senate re-recognition process. The Office of Student Activities receives a list from Student Senate of organizations that have completed their re-recognition paperwork.
  • Complete the Office of Student Activities student organizational information form.
  • Complete the advisor agreement and turn it into the Office of Student Activities. This form will allow the advisor and organization to determine their expectations of each other.
Organization Reporting

Completion of student organization semester report, which includes:

  • Membership Roster
  • Program/Event report
  • Membership and Leadership Development report
Student Involvement
  • Organization hosts events every semester
  • Organization participates in a community service event every semester
  • Organization has membership/leadership development programs every semester
Campus Involvement
  • This shield will be tracked by organizations participation in traditional events on-campus. The Student Activities Fair and Student Leadership Conference are required. In order to obtain this shield organizations will need to participate as a group in two additional campus events (i.e. creating a Homecoming team, Relay for Life, Day of Caring, Dance Marathon, etc.)
  • Student Organization president participates in president roundtables